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Problems with Child Labour and Contributions of NGOs in India to eradicate child labour

Problems with Child Labour and Contributions of NGOs in India to eradicate child labour

Problems with Child Labour and Contributions of NGOs in India to eradicate child labour 

India is one of the world's countries with the largest proportion of children. Unfortunately, India is also one of the countries with the highest rates of child labour. Despite the government's severe prohibitions against child labour, the issue persists in India. Many children's NGOs are working hard to alter this scenario. They make a really honourable contribution to society. They attempt to address the problems with child labour in a variety of ways.

Poverty is one of the primary causes of child labour in India. Poverty cannot be remedied by just handing out money to the poor, and if NGOs in India pursue the method of handing out money to try to improve the situation, they will never succeed. Rather than providing them with fish, NGOs should teach them how to fish. 

They will have long-term solutions as a result of this. One of the contributions of children's NGOs in India is to organise various social awareness initiatives to enable company owners and shop owners to understand how using child employees in their organisations and shops hinders the country's progress.

Another reason for child labour issues is that these children are unable to attend school because they are required to work in order to support their families, as well as because their parents are unable to afford to send them to school.

The primary goal of an educational NGO in India, particularly in Mumbai, is to provide free education to underprivileged children. They also look after the youngsters who live in the slums. They strive to give slum children a decent education through both official and informal schooling methods. They provide the finest opportunity for slum youngsters that they will ever have. They establish a bright future for them by providing them with these educational chances. They can apply for employment just like everyone else and raise their standard of living.

We cannot be comfortable in claiming that these non-governmental organizations are doing an excellent job. We also have a social obligation to assist these slum children who are struggling financially. Every small bit of assistance in this area will pay off well in the future. 

One approach to aiding these youngsters is to raise funds for these educational NGOs in India so that they may serve more slum children. They will only be able to help a limited number of youngsters if they do not have adequate finances. If they can enlist the public's aid, they will be able to enroll hundreds of youngsters in their free educational programmes.

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