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Why one Need to Create a Relationship before Selling anything


If you're running an eBay dropshipping business or selling a digital product as an affiliate, it's critical that you establish a connection with your potential clients before trying to sell to them.

A lot of sellers & marketers don't grasp this, and it's to their cost since they miss out on sales opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about what this implies and why it's so crucial.

An Analogy

An analogy, or two, is the best way to convey this. Consider this scenario: you encounter a beautiful girl or man at a pub and want to learn more about them. So you go up to them and ask if they want to come home with you tonight.

What do you believe will happen next? Most likely, you'll get a strong slap in the face - which is just OK!

The trouble with this strategy is that the other person is unfamiliar with you. They have no idea what you're like or if they'll have fun with you, and most crucially, they have no idea if they can trust you! As far as they're concerned, you may be hazardous!

Someone attempting to sell a watch is another example. Imagine someone approaching you on the street with a watch and asking if you want to purchase it for $2,000 dollars. So, what are your thoughts? You'll most likely turn and flee once more. No one would invest that much money on something without first learning everything there is to know about it and without having a way to get their money back if the deal goes bad.

How Businesses Consistently Make This Error

Both of these instances are undoubtedly ludicrous to you, but they are exactly what many firms do on a daily basis. If you have a website which tries to sell a product as soon as someone visits it, you'll drive visitors away before they've even had a chance to read it.

They may be intrigued in what you have to offer, but if they are unfamiliar with your brand and product, they will be hesitant to buy right away. And if all you care about is selling to them through a barrage of pop-up adverts, you'll drive them away – it'll seem like spam!

Consider the opposite approach: customers arrive at your website and discover a wealth of well-written, free, and helpful information. This gives the visitor a favourable impression of your company and, perhaps, piques their interest in the things you're promoting.

As a consequence, they'll be considerably more inclined to buy from you in the future. Instead of concentrating on earning a sale, concentrate on gaining a fan. Instead, direct them to a mailing list and ask them to return. The sales will come to you this way!

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