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What is Obesity and What are the causes of obesity?


What is Obesity and What are the causes of obesity?

What is Obesity and What are the causes of obesity?

Obesity is defined as the accumulation of excess, undesirable fat in the fatty tissue of the skin. It has risen steadily for over a decade, right before our eyes. According to a research, more than two billion adults would be obese by 2020, with Europe seeing a 30% increase in obese individuals.

Obesity rose much higher after Covid-19 pandemic because everyone was quarantined throughout the outbreak.

Because of the lockdown, everyone was forced to stay inside their houses, with restricted exercise and fewer food alternatives. Obesity hinders body functioning and negatively impacts the immune system, putting people at risk of dying from the coronavirus.

Obesity also leads to life-threatening disorders such as cancer, which is becoming increasingly widespread in the United States. Its rate in the United States has risen dramatically. According to a poll, obesity has climbed by more than 50% in 10 to 15 of the country's states, the highest proportion ever recorded.

Obesity is the most common health problem, since people are growing more sedentary as a result of technological advancements. Furthermore, consumers consume junk food that is heavy in trans-fat, carbs, and calories. Excessive quantities are always harmful to the body and might have unimaginable consequences.

But, other from strenuous exercise and nutrition, how might supplements help you overcome this problem? Nowadays, individuals use supplement tablets containing all-natural substances that might help them lose weight swiftly and without exerting themselves.

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What are the causes of obesity?

Let's look at a few of the causes of undesirable fat distribution:

Junk Food Cravings

Now a days people binge on unhealthy items, processed foods, which are refined versions of raw materials and contain a variety of additives. Because they don't have enough time to make a meal, some people depend on artificial foods like instant food mixes, & aerated beverages.

Daily Habits or Lifestyle

If your life is tranquil and leisurely, and you spend the most of your time sitting, you are more likely than anybody else to become obese.

Assume you sleep at odd hours and eat at unpredictable intervals. In that situation, you may accumulate fat since you are unable to digest it correctly, as nighttime digestive procedures are required.

Expressions of Genes

Fat is frequently connected to heredity, since you may inherit a predisposition to obesity from your parents, or their parents may have passed those genes down to you. Obesity-causing genes are more likely to be passed down to children by their parents.

Lack of Activity

A sedentary lifestyle with no exercise may be damaging to your health since it swiftly leads to obesity. If you continue to consume calories without burning them off, they will be stored in your adipose tissue, causing you to gain weight.

Changing rate of Insulin

Obesity might occur if your insulin levels are too high. However, other experts believe that fat causes insulin to rise. As a result, they are intertwined.

Insulin is a hormone that tells fat cells to store fat and utilise it when they require energy. Obesity causes insulin levels to increase throughout the body, causing it to be stored as fat rather than used for energy.

 Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone produced by fat cells that increases the blood levels in response to a rise in fat mass. As a result, fat persons have a huge leptin levels, whereas healthy people with high leptin levels have a very low appetite.

It is in charge of informing your brain about how much fat you have deposited in your body. If doesn't happen, obesity will result.

Medicinal Hazards

Certain medications, such as antidepressants and diabetes drugs, might promote obesity as a side-effect. They can create fat disposition since they stimulate your hunger. Some drugs might trigger cravings, which leads to erratic eating patterns such as bingeing or snacking.

Blood sugar levels

Sugar makes obesity worse because it alters the body's chemistry and adds to the creation of glucose and fructose. If consumed in excess, fructose can produce insulin resistance and energy storage in the form of fat.

Affective Social Interaction

Our culture is just as excited about junk food as it is about good cuisine. Nevertheless, it is quite handy to binge on easily prepared food, which is why most individuals do so.

In fact, some consumers may find healthy alternatives to be prohibitively expensive, given the high cost of organic produce these days.

To maintain good health, one must need to buy the healthy food items.

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More variety of circumstances that causes Obesity

Inaccurate information about healthy behaviours

Nowadays, we see a lot of information on good eating habits & nutrition being shared on the internet. However, this does not imply that everything is true or that people should follow it.

People peddle false information on the internet and promote ridiculous diet programmes that make no sense because everyone's body is different. One element that works for one individual may not work for another.

In-appropriate working Cycle

Some people do work during their early morning or late night shifts, resulting in a messed-up daily schedule. As a result, maintaining a consistent sleep pattern becomes challenging, and one's body click suffers as a result.

As a result, a lack of sleep, particularly at night, might lead to a rise in fat accumulation in the body. This occurs when, due to a natural cycle, the body doesn't have enough time to digest properly at night.

Food gets deposited in the body as a result of this irregularity. Eating late at night contributes to obesity because the meal is not metabolised and accumulates as fat in the skin.

Pregnancy, may also be a cause 

During pregnancy, your body prepares to support the child's growth by fortifying the belly with enough nourishment. Furthermore, while a woman is pregnant, she develops cravings & binge eating patterns, which can lead to hazardous eating habits.

Even after pregnancy, some people have postpartum symptoms, which are essentially the body returning to its pre-pregnancy state. People, on the other hand, seldom lose weight if no particular effort is made.

Anxiety and stress

Stress has become a major factor to a variety of health problems, including obesity, cancer, and heart attacks. Anxiety and stress are inextricably linked. If you are worried, you are likely to be stressed the majority of the time.

When you're anxious, your body produces flight or fight hormones, which keep your body under control and slow down your body's natural processes.

Also, when you're anxious, you're more inclined to resort to food or drugs to help you feel better. It might be caused by incorrect use of such medications and excessive food consumption.

Health hazards generally caused by Obesity


High blood pressure, often known as hypertension, can be an issue for people & lead to severe cardiac problems. Because it puts strain on physical functioning, high blood pressure reduces the chances of a healthy body.

Heart problems

If your calorie consumption is higher and your fat intake is higher, you may develop a variety of cardiovascular illnesses. Obesity, which is the disposal of stored energy, can lead to hypertension, which can be fatal. As a result, it might induce heart obstruction or other cardiac disorders.

Diabetes Type 2

Because of its genetics, type 2 diabetes is very certain to occur as a result of obesity. Insulin resistance is caused by obesity, which causes a spike in insulin levels. Diabetes Type 2 develops as a result of this.

Apnea (sleep deprivation)

Obesity can also cause sleep apnea by causing the muscles in the neck to soften. When this muscle relaxes as you sleep, it prevents air from passing through. As a result, sleep apnea develops.

Heart Stroke

Heart strokes are most commonly caused by the heart not receiving enough oxygenated blood. When blood sugar levels are high, the blood becomes thicker and denser. It causes blood clots, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.


Excess body fat may increase the risk of 13 different malignancies by weakening the immune system. You can quickly get at danger of acquiring cancer sickness if your immune system is compromised and your physiological processes are sluggish.

  • High cholesterol levels are a looming catastrophe for the healthcare industry since it affects so many people.
  • Mental illnesses such as melancholy and anxiety cause blood sugar levels to drop, resulting in a rise in obesity and a slew of other health problems.
  • Obesity creates lethargy, which causes difficulty moving and pain in the body. When portions of the body aren't used, they become worthless, and pain becomes a part of the body.

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