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How to have an Amazing Life - Change your Mindset Change you Life

How to have an Amazing Life - Change your Mindset Change you Life

How to have an Amazing Life - Change your Mindset Change you Life

  • Have you ever had the feeling that you should be achieving more out of life? 
  • Do you ever feel exhausted, drained, or overworked? 
  • Have your health & vitality taken a hit? 
  • Do you appear to be utterly unable to regain your footing? 

So, How to have an amazing Life that change your mindset? Maybe you just feel like you're treading water. All of this might wear you down over time. This is not what we had hoped for. Maybe you've always imagined your life to be different. Many of us expected to make a lot of resources in the future. 

Many of us believe we should have far more energy than we already have. And we observe others in our environment who appear to have the things we want. We've all met folks who are well-dressed, confident, and beautiful. We've all met folks who appear to have everything. So, why aren't we able to have that? Why is it that life is so cruel to us?

If you've have gone through other guides so far, you'll already know that here is where you're going wrong.

It's blaming your surroundings as well as other people. Right now, you have all that you need to have an extraordinary life. All that's needed is the correct mentality to get started. I'll tell you what's even more likely. You're already enjoying an incredible life. You seem to have everything that someone could possibly desire... But you don't seem to notice.

As we've seen throughout this course, your happiness and success are entirely dependent on you. Furthermore, they are a result of your thinking and the way you see yourself & your life. They come from a desire to go out and obtain the things you believe you are entitled to. And from understanding how you'll go about achieving it. You'll know how to build some easy adjustments in this last guide.

You'll discover how to begin bracing yourself against adversity. You'll learn to appreciate all you already have. You'll also learn to manage your life so you can choose exactly what type of person you want to be. That is precisely what you intend to do.

What Are Your Top Concerns to have an Amazing Life?

The first thing you should do is reevaluate some of your goals. Many of us lament the fact that we aren't healthier, happier, or wealthier, yet we never take action. That's because, no matter what we say, we don't prioritise those parts of our life. Let's break down your existing regimen and see if we can figure out what's wrong.

You're announcing to the world that you desire six-pack abs. You're telling folks that you want to be a successful entrepreneur or author. You tell others how important your family is to you. So, there you have it. So, if that's the case, those are the areas you should be focusing on the most, right?

Instead, you'll probably discover that your way of life looks something like this:
  • 6-7 hours of sleep
  • 8-9 hours of work
  • 1-2 hours of commuting
  • 30 minute lunch break
  • 5 hours for everything else
And you have to squeeze waking up, getting dressed for the day, washing dishes, doing laundry, and cooking into those about five hours. Now come back to me and ask why you don't have the lifestyle you desire. You say that your goals and desires are your top priorities, but you don't conduct your life in any way that reflects that. This reminds me a lot of the current political dilemma.

Our political leaders frequently tell us how much wealth they have abled to save. They'll explain how they've boosted the dollar's value. They'll brag about how they're reducing the deficit. Is this, however, the best way to assess their success? What about far more crucial indicators such as quality of life? Or is it happiness?

In your own life, you're doing the same thing. You put 90 percent of your effort into your task and are fully weary at the end of the day. Everything else, of course, suffers as a result.

What Happened to Get It This Way.

Have you ever wondered how things came to be the way they are now?

While the answer may not be nice, it ultimately boils down to fear & brainwashing. Dread, since we are frequently led by the fear of our relationships abandoning us. Fear of debt is to blame. Fear of not even being able to afford a down payment on a home. Of being childless in our forties and having missed the boat. This indicates that the stick instead of the carrot motivates you.

You're more concerned with getting away from the things you don't want than with getting closer to the ones you do want. And the media, as well as the way we're raised, don't help matters. This is where all of the 'indoctrination' takes place.

I'm not a believer in conspiracies. I'm not here to assure you that this is an intentional government action or anything like that. Nonetheless, it is the way most of us were raised. We've been taught that we're born with some sort of debt. How to change your life with constant efforts.

That we owe society this debt. That grit and determination is something to be proud of. Meanwhile, we are conditioned to desire a variety of things that are just beyond of reach. Widescreen televisions, opulent homes, expensive-looking automobiles, and other items are among them. We labour toward these goals because we're frightened of going into debt and because it's what society expects of us. But let me ask you a question: does work have any intrinsic value? Working for a worthwhile cause is, of course, a positive thing to do.

Working to support your family is also commendable. Those, on the other hand, who boast about having "never missed a day of work!" people who retire in their 80s and brag about the labour they accomplished stacking palettes. It's good that they're pleased with themselves. It is, in fact. But here's the terrible part: the world would go on without them if they didn't come in. Even if it didn't, the worst-case situation is that someone would be late in receiving a palette.

In the meanwhile, wouldn't it have been preferable if they had prioritised their health? What would have happened if they had devoted more time with their family? What if they'd followed their passion and composed a great piece of music? Work should be viewed as a means to an aim rather than an end in itself. Work is only valuable if the end result is valuable. Even so, it isn't worth sacrificing all else in your life for.

How to have an Amazing Life with a well shaped Lifestyle Design

The basic mental change I'd like you to make here is that you're not working to live, but living to work. I know it's a cliche, but if you truly take that advice to its logical conclusion, you'll end up with something resembling lifestyle design. Lifestyle design is a way of living that essentially turns traditional conceptions of employment on its heads and focuses on creating a lifestyle that you like.

You determine what you want to achieve and who you want to be, and then you alter your work and other aspects of your life to accommodate that lifestyle. Many individuals will become digital nomads as a result of this. We no longer need to work from a boring office or travel vast distances to go to work, thanks to contemporary technology. Instead, we can just turn on the computer & work from the comfort of our own homes.

This gives you a great deal of flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere and at any time. Many people will seize this opportunity by travelling the world with only a laptop & working from coffee shops. That is lifestyle design, and that is what it means to be a 'digital nomad.' However, it can also refer to something much more minor. It involves taking a hard look at the promotion that comes with so much more responsibility and deciding if it's worth it.

Isn't it preferable to spend extra time with your family while keeping your current job? Alternatively, you may accept the work but ask for one day off so that you can have the entire day to yourself. Alternatively, you may take up a part-time work to supplement your income. Perhaps you've come to the conclusion that the best way to pursue your hobbies is to work as a garbage collector, as you'll be free by 2 p.m. Do you require additional funds? Then buy yourself a smaller home!

It might even mean that you decide to relocate to a location closer to work in order to reduce your commute time. A shorter commute allows you to spend 30 minutes more every day on yourself. Perhaps you opt to hire a cleaning so that you can have a lovely house! You don't have to choose the most apparent path through your life because there are so many options here to experiment with. You don't have to follow society's predefined route, and you don't have to keep making life more difficult and worse for yourself.

More Changes Needed

One approach to start achieving what you want out of life is to choose to construct your own lifestyle and reclaim control. However, there are a few people that can assist you with this. Knowing your value, standing your ground, and letting go of fear is one cognitive transformation. Another mental shift is to accept that both time and money are interchangeable. This last point suggests that if you're getting paid more but simultaneously working more hours, you're not truly getting a pay raise.

Only if you were paid more for doing work in the same hours would this be considered a pay raise. So, if you're offered a promotion up the corporate ladder but it requires you to work longer hours, the logical answer is that you'll take the wage raise. This is when understanding your value comes into play. Many of us, after all, are scared to ask for more money or to raise our rates. We believe that if we do so, we will lose our jobs and become homeless. Again, let go of your fear. This does not occur.

You may afford to charge extra if you provide an excellent service to someone or if you're a good employee.

Consider how much money they make because of you, and how much money they'd lose if you quit working for them.

You have the right to increase your prices. Not only that, but regardless of duties, it is typical for pay to rise. So, if you believe you require additional funds, don't be hesitant to request it. What if they say no? Then you start looking for a new job or new clientele elsewhere.

Ask for forgiveness, not permission, as Tim Ferriss says

In the end, you are only worth what you believe you are worth. If you set a too low price on your head, you might labour really hard for no reward. Continue your search. Also, continue to study. And one more thing: don't put it off. Don't wait for things to improve. Don't put it off till you're retired and elderly. Because life throws you curveballs all the time and the stars never seem to align. The only way to improve your life is to begin right now. And don't tell me you're too old to be the person you've always wanted to be: you're never too old to be the person you've always wanted to be.

So, if you've been putting off going on a trip because of fear, opportunity, or concern that life won't be there for you when you return, it's time to reconsider your plans. Take command and go right now. This is the only method you'll ever be able to travel. Work will be waiting for you when you return. What happens if it isn't? At the very least, you've accomplished something meaningful and unforgettable. What could be more beneficial?

It All Begins With Everything

Hopefully, a few of these tips can assist you in obtaining more out of your life by simply shifting your priorities and pursuing your goals.

So, where should you begin?

With everything, is the response.

What I mean is that if you want to be healthier, happier, and have a better life in general, you must make drastic changes all at once. We've spoken about how your capacity to improve your life begins in your head. But have you examined how your mind is affected?

The mind has a certain quantity of energy to work with. I've asked a lot of you in these guides: to take more responsibility, to overcome your fears, to exercise discipline, and to stay inspired. All of this necessitates the expenditure of energy. And if you only have 5 hours to be effective outside of work, you're going to suffer. If you're stressed out and burned out, you'll have an even harder time.

As you begin to refocus your attention back on yourself. You may look at how you can guarantee you are charged & able to get the most out of life as you begin to focus on your goals and the things that make you happy as you begin to focus on your goals and the things that make you happy.

Later on, it moves on to more serious topics, such as learning to meditate. Finding one's passion. Choosing the appropriate individuals to be around. Every facet of your health and lifestyle has an impact on how you feel and how much you can do. Start small and work your way up to the level of energy you desire. You may feel confined by your circumstances right now, so look for that little sliver of light.

That might involve taking a morning supplement to boost your energy levels. But if it provides you with the motivation to contemplate creating methods to keep your house cleaner and the mental space to begin testing your work-life balance, it will all be worth it.

Last but not least

Finally, what are your thoughts? Learn to be grateful for what you have now. Because this is the most important factor in achieving happiness. The fact is that if you keep fantasising about that widescreen TV, you'll never be able to break free from the hedonistic treadmill. You'll stay in fight or flight mode and continue to push and fight. It's not much better to be looking forward to a vacation. It's not much better to be looking forward to resigning your work.

Do it right now. Meanwhile, practise focusing on what is already perfect in your life. If you take a moment to smell the roses and adopt a "gratitude mentality," you'll find you've already done a lot. And you'll discover that you've already had a lot of pleasant times in your life. I hope you got the answer for  - How to have an Amazing Life that Change your Mindset.

How to have an Amazing Life - Change your Mindset Change you Life

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